ebay Data Extract

The ebay Data Extract Add-on lets you build reports in Google Sheets using data from ebay product listings.


– Monitor competitors sales
– Price watch
– Report on own listings

Have you ever wondered how your competitors are performing? You can check each of their listings individually of course or you can use this plugin to automate this task for you.

What about price matching? When it comes to ebay it’s not so easy to match your pricing against your competitors as unlike Amazon, ebay is not a catalog based marketplace. With this Add-On though you can select the listings you want to monitor and see in the report when the price is amended.

Finally, maybe you’re fed up with the basic level of reporting offered by ebay. With this add-on you can pull your own listing data and build your own reports to your own specifications.

ebay Data Extract Google Sheet Add-on


FREE – 1500 Credits* per month / 50 product limit per report

*Each time your report is run it uses 1 credit per listing. For example, if you have 25 products in your report and schedule your report to run daily you will use around 750 credits per month (25 listings x 30 days).

Future pricing options to be released


This add-on works by taking a snap-shot of ebay listings at regular intervals. When a report is initially created it will present all the listing data up to that point in time. Thereafter, the report will break down performance in time periods that you set (daily, weekly or monthly).

Start by opening the ‘Create Report’ sidebar. Enter your search requirements and click the ‘Create Report’ button. An initial list of ebay listings will load in the ‘Report’ sheet. Check to see if the results are what you wanted, if not adjust the search criteria and run again. When you are happy you can schedule the report to run either daily, weekly or monthly. The data will be summarised as per your schedule in the ‘Report’ tab and the raw data will be saved in the ‘Raw Data’ tab.

The report can run indefinitly or you may decide to stop the report after collecting a significant amount of data. If after stopping the report you wish to run a new report in the same sheet, be sure to rename the ‘Report’ sheet so that the data is not overwritten.

– Introduce paid options for moderate/high users
– Email notifications on price change
– Manually select item ID’s
– Pre-built charts / dashboards
– Search by ebay Category
– Listing Limit

Version 8 – 30/04/2020
– Added the ability to fetch variation data into the sheet so users can now view listings on a more detailed level.
– Made the code more efficient to avoid time-out errors.

We do not collect or store any of your data
We do not use your data for any other purposes than for the functioning of our reporting tools.
We do not share your data to third parties or to other users of our tools in any way.
All the OAuth scopes required to use the ebay Data Extract Add-on and the description of each scope in this add-on are below:
script.container.ui: Displays the add-on menu.
script.external_request: Calls the ebay API to retrieve ebay data
script.scriptapp: Stores add-on settings.
spreadsheets: Read data from and writes data to the user’s Spreadsheets.
You can remove the ebay Data Extract Add-on at any point from your Google account control panel or by uninstalling our add-on through the ‘Manage Add-ons’ menu.