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Google Sheets Add-on GA Dashboard

I recently launched a new Google Sheets Add-on (ebay Data Extract) and, of course, I was interested to see how it was performing.

As part of the publishing process, Google allows you to specify a Google Analytics account to use with the Add-on listing page. It’s a single page so the amount of data that can be collected in the GA account is limited but I was pleased to discover that Google fires 2 events from the listing page into the GA account for you; START_INSTALL and FINISH_INSTALL.

So as well as collecting some basic audience data and acquisition data you can also see how many users go on to install the add-on. Great! Because the amount of data being collected isn’t huge and GA can be a bit of a pain to navigate through I decided to create a GA Dashboard to get a snapshot of my add-on usage:

Google Sheets Add On GA Dashboard

The left hand column displays details about the traffic my add-on receives; Where they are located, how they found the add-on and a break down of the traffic source.

The central column is a funnel depiction of a users activity on the listing page going from total number of Total Sessions > Install Started > Install Complete.

The final column provides location data on the users who successfully installed the add-on.

The good news is because the data in a Google G Suite Add-on GA account is standard this dashboard can be used by other Add-on creators. So here you go:

G Suite Add On Dashboard

Click the link and apply the dashboard to your Add-on GA view.

Do let me know if you found this dashboard useful, if you have any suggestions on how it can be improved or if you’ve modified it in any way for your own use.

Google Analytics Marketplace Plugins

ebay Analytics Add-on (holding-name)

This is a work in progress. See for updates.

Essentially, the ebay Analytics Add-on pulls data from the ebay API and inputs the data into Google Sheets. The user can then analyse the data however they want.

Some initial ideas I have for it’s use are:

  • Competitor analysis – monitor how many sales your competitors are making on their ebay listings
  • Price watch – see when a listing changes price
  • Sales analysis – monitor your own performance and create more appealing charts using Google Sheets and Google Data Centre
  • AB Testing

MarTools Consolidator Google Sheets Add-on

MarTools Consolidator Google Sheets Add-on

Are you a prolific user of the Google Analytics add-on and finding it difficult to manage multiple data sheets? Is the data you are pulling from GA being sampled?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you need the MarTools Consolidator add-on. With the MarTools Consolidator add-on you can consolidate all your GA reports into one data sheet which allows for easy analysis and manipulation.

You can also avoid pulling sampled data by splitting your reports into smaller segments or shorter timeframes and then re-compiling the data using this add-on.


Instructions for use You can either use the MarTools Consolidator add-on on a manual or scheduled basis depending on your needs.

To use the tool manually, ensure your data sheets are up to date and then navigate to the ‘Add-ons’ menu >> ‘MarTools Consolidator’ >> ‘Run Consolidator’.

If you schedule the Google Analytics add-on to run reports periodically you will probably want to do the same with the MarTools Consolidator add-on. To do this navigate to the ‘Add-ons’ menu >> ‘MarTools Consolidator’ >> ‘Schedule Consolidator’. A sidebar will open with a number of scheduling options. You should mirror the scheduling of your Google Analytics add-on. If your GA reports are scheduled to run at a certain hour you should set the MarTools Consolidator scheduling to run the following hour.

Please note each of your sheets should contain the same fields in the same order. A future release of the MarTools Consolidator add-on will allow sheets with differing fields to be consolidated.


MarTools Consolidator Add-on Process:

1. Checks the ‘Report Configuration’ sheet to see what reports exist. If your report is not named here it will not be consolidated.

2. Loops through each report sheet and copies the data to a new ‘Consolidation’ sheet. If the ‘Consolidation’ sheet already exists the data is added to the first available free row.

3. The GA data sheet is deleted.


Privacy Policy

  • We do not collect or store any of your data
  • We do not use your data for any other purposes than for the functioning of our reporting tools.
  • We do not share your data to third parties or to other users of our tools in any way.
  • All the OAuth scopes required to use the MarTools Consolidator Add-on and the description of each scope in this add-on are below:
    • script.container.ui: Displays the add-on menu.
    • script.scriptapp: Stores add-on settings.
    • spreadsheets: Read data from and writes data to the user’s Spreadsheets.
  • You can remove the MarTools Consolidator Add-on at any point from your Google account control panel or by uninstalling our add-on through the ‘Manage Add-ons’ menu. is a cashback site that rewards users with credit to spend on Bradford City FC tickets.

We target a niche audience, predominantly males aged 30 – 45 living in the north of England.


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The site is built on WordPress and uses the Solicitors Nationwide Conveyancing Comparison Tool plugin, built specifically for Solicitors Nationwide, to provide visitors with their quotations.

Solicitors Nationwide also provides a directory service allowing visitors to find a solicitor local to them.

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Budget Planner has been running since 2008.  In this time the site has provided a budgeting tool and budgeting advice to 1000’s of users.

The technology allows users to plan their finances and was conceived at the start of the recent financial crisis.  By listing outgoings against income and recording monthly spends, users are better able to mange their money.

The tool was originally built using ASP built will shortly be rebuilt using PHP and will feature more advanced tools to allow greater analysis of the users personal finances.

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